Marco Arment on what Safari Reading List means for Instapaper

By building Safari Reading List and Safari Reader into iOS 5 Safari -- much as they've built them into OS X Lion -- Apple provides a similar uncluttered reading and sync service to Marco Arment's well known Instapaper app. Arment isn't raging however. In fact, he's a little excited.

When iOS 5 and Lion ship, Apple will show a much larger percentage of iOS-device owners that saving web pages to read later is a useful workflow and can dramatically improve the way they read.

If Reading List gets widely adopted and millions of people start saving pages for later reading, a portion of those people will be interested in upgrading to a dedicated, deluxe app and service to serve their needs better. And they’ll quickly find Instapaper in the App Store.

Apple took over the low end of a lot of app categories during Monday's WWDC 2011 iOS 5 unveiling. Notifications, Reminders, and Reading List will make it difficult to sell basic notification apps, to do apps, and read-it-later apps. Anyone with free version that offer limited functionality are likely done.

But Arment has a point. LockInfo is more powerful than Apple's Notifications, Appigo Todo and OmniFocus blow away Reminders, and Instapaper does far more than Reading List. For power users, they likely still have their place.

Any Instapaper users planning on giving it up?