Marco Arment, developer of Overcast and the creator of Instapaper, has released Quitter, his first Mac app. Quitter is a simple utility that lets you automate the closing and hiding of distracting apps.

Marco Arment's Quitter aims to keep your Mac distraction-free

From Arment's blog:

Quitter automatically hides or quits distracting apps after periods of inactivity. I've found it tremendously helpful to my work efficiency to hide Slack and quit Tweetbot after 10 minutes.

Quitter remains hidden and out of the way for the most part, and you can manage the app by selecting its Menu Bar item. Select edit rules to give Quitter control over new apps. You can also select whether an app will be hidden or quit, and how long an app will need to have been inactive for Quitter to kick in.

You can grab Quitter for free directly from Arment's website right now.