Mark Papermaster, whose departure from IBM for Apple led to some high profile legal wrangling, has now left Apple -- chronologically following the antennagate saga, though no direct correlation has been reported. Apple spokesman Steve Dowling told the New York Times:

[Papermaster] is leaving the company and Bob Mansfield, senior vice president of Macintosh hardware engineering, is assuming his responsibilities. [...] Mr. Mansfield already oversees several technologies that are part of the iPhone, including the A4 chip, the retina display and touch screens,

Before being removed from, Papermaster's bio read as follows.

Mark Papermaster is Apple's senior vice president of Devices Hardware Engineering. He leads the iPod and iPhone engineering teams, and reports directly to Apple's CEO.

Papermaster has 25 years of product and technology experience, and was previously a vice president at IBM responsible for blade development including x86, POWER, storage blades, chassis, network electronics and associated ecosystem. He started his career in application-specific IC development circuit design at IBM’s Microelectronics Division, and had technical and management assignments in quality, CAD tool applications, and microprocessors.

While Papermaster was notably absent from Apple's recent iPhone 4 press conference, his replacement was up on stage with Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, Mansfield was front and center.

Update: According to Daring Fireball's source, Papermaster was fired following antennagate:

Inside Apple, he’s “the guy responsible for the antenna” — that’s a quote from a source back on July 23. (Another quote from the same source: “Apparently the antenna guys used to have a big chip on their shoulder. No more.”)

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