Mark Zuckerberg 'sympathetic' with Apple's stance on encryption

Apple can now count Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg among its allies in its ongoing encryption feud with the FBI. Zuckerberg sided with Apple on the topic of encryption while speaking at Mobile World Congress, essentially echoing a statement that Facebook as a whole issued late last week.

From Re/Code:

"We're sympathetic with Apple on this one. We believe in encryption," he said. "I expect it's not the right thing to try to block that from the mainstream products people want to use. And I think it's not going to be the right regulatory or economic policy to put in place."

However, Zuckerberg was also quick to note Facebook's commitment to removing any content promoting terrorism on its network:

"We feel like we have a pretty big responsibility," he added. "We certainly do have very strong policies on this that if there's any content that's promoting terrorism or sympathizing with ISIS or anything like that, we'll … get those people off the service. We don't want people that are doing that stuff on Facebook."

Zuckerberg joins the like of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum in supporting Apple's stance on encryption as the Cupertino company's battle with the FBI over unlocking an iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernardino heats up. However, despite strong support from those in the tech community thus far, a recent poll suggests that Apple has some work to do in in securing support from the public as a whole.

FBI vs. Apple