On the second day of the Web 2.0 Summit, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made some comments on his company's dealings with Apple over Ping.

Zuckerberg also had an explanation for why the company had not partnered with Apple to let it pull in social data for Ping. He says that Facebook has had to invest tens of millions of dollars into infrastructure to enable games from large developers like Zynga, which is why Facebook and Zynga agreed to a formal alliance. Zuckerberg says that if the company is going to make an investment like this, “we want to have an understanding that you won’t just import our data — and that you try to contribute back. We’re working through that.”

Now that we somewhat understand the basics for why Facebook is still blocking ping maybe they and Apple can come to terms and work out some sort of deal to incorporate Facebook into Ping to help make it more useable.

Recently Twitter allowed Apple to intergrate their services into Ping so it would be extremely useful and welcome for Facebook to follow suit but we will have to continue to wait through the Apple and Facebook negotiations.

Do you think Ping needs Facebook to thrive as a social network or do you think Twitter is enough for users to be more interested in utilizing the Ping services?

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