Marvel celebrates Comic-Con with 99-cent access to 13,000 comics

Marvel Comics has announced that it is letting people access the over 13,000 digital comic book issues in its Marvel Unlimited online service for Android for just $0.99 in a special promotion deal.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Marvel Unlimited, it's basically offers a way to read lots of comics like Spider-Man, X-Men and Avengers for one monthly fee, with new issues added every week to its library of titles. Normally, the cost of the service is $9.99 a month but for this week only you can sign up for the service and have the first month cost just $0.99. There's also an option to pay $69 for an annual subscription.

There are a couple of catches with Marvel Unlimited. One is that you can only download and read up to 12 comic book issues at a time on your device. The other catch is that the most recent issues of the company's comics are not available on the service. Marvel Unlimited typically waits six months or more to offer its latest issues on the service. Marvel Unlimited is just available for US residents.

What Marvel Comics do you plan to read if you sign up for this $0.99 cent promotion offer.

Source: Marvel Unlimited via Wired