Marvel Comics Unlimited is a Netflix-like service that lets you subscribe to and consume huge quantities of catalog titles. Like Netflix, it isn't the new stuff, and the old stuff is rife with content gaps, but unlike Netflix, until now Marvel Comics Unlimited was locked into Adobe's Flash player, and that meant it couldn't work on the iPad. iBooks (pictured above), Kindle, and the ComiXology apps have all been options, though single purchase a la carte ones. That's starting to change, however, with a new, iPad-compatible version of the player now being offered as a beta to subscribers. Jason Snell of Macworld took it for a test-drive:

I found more than 300 issues of the 500-plus issue run of Uncanny X-Men, including the very first issues and the Byrne-Claremont run, but not my beloved Paul Smith issues (#154 to #166 are MIA), and most of the recent issues. You can search the catalog by character, series, event, or release date, so I was able to select “House of M” and see all the books in that event, not just the core eight-issue miniseries.

It wasn't polished or perfect yet, but the potential seems to be there. Of course, a native app would be even met (why not excelsior that, Marvel?) Check out the rest of Jason's preview to see where they are and how far they still have to go. Then let me know, would you drop $10 a month or $60 a year for all-you can eat Marvel comics?

Source: Macworld