Sketch Up is a fun little game where you must guide and combine shapes to match up similar shapes in the designated areas. The complexity of a shape is determined by its number of sides and you must combine shapes in specific ways to change its level of complexity. The goal is to put the correct number of specific shapes in the designated areas.

I've been playing Sketch Up periodically throughout the day and have been having a lot of fun. Only a few levels were used to teach you about the game before adding more complexity and difficulty to the levels. The goal is easy to understand, but executing a plan can be quite challenging.

Sharpen those pencils and grab a piece of paper, it’s time for a drawing duel! It’s a battle to be center stage on the page, and these shapes just need a skilled artist’s hand. Match different shapes together to complete each equation, but make sure you have the right formula. Simple shape-shading can be difficult! So dust off that protractor and grab your sketch pad! If you can use these flying shapes to your advantage, you can be master of the geometric world!

  • Use your Preview Hub to see what shapes will be created
  • Watch out for sticky puddles that stop shapes in their tracks!
  • Smash shapes together to make new ones
  • Use Shape Changers and Stops to help you create the perfect sketch!

Sketch Up is available on the iPhone for free.

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