MatchCo can help you find makeup that matches your complexion

If you often have trouble finding the right makeup shade to match your skin tone, an new app called MatchCo may be worth a look. The app allows you to easily scan your skin with the camera on your iPhone, at which point it finds your exact complexion and offers up personalized cosmetics made for your skin tone. Here's the rundown on what you can do with MatchCo:

  • Scan your skin to find your exact complexion
  • Buy cosmetics that are made to match your exact shade
  • Get personalized tips on skin health and beauty

It's a pretty interesting idea that might make shopping for makeup a bit easier. If you're interested in seeing if MatchCo can match your skin tone, and getting some skincare tips along the way, you can grab the app for free on the App Store at the link below.

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