ms_mmiller_105×110.jpgMy good buddy Matt Miller from ZDNet has been fondling an iPhone for the past two weeks (his wife is starting to worry), extensively testing its features and functionality. He writes on his blog that after much deliberation he has decided to return his device and go back to a Smartphone.

Why is this news? Well for starters, Matt and I both view the iPhone from the same vantage point - as Smartphone users. We're old school mobile experts who grew up in the PDA era, which later evolved into Smartphones, and actively experiment with all the latest in mobile technology. And his tastes and impressions often mirror my own in many ways. Sadly we see eye to eye on this subject as well.

iPhone is a first generation product that feels, at times, more like a prototype than a finished product. Like an unbaked pie that promises so much goodness, but yet needs more time to bake.

Unlike Matt, I won't be returning my iPhone. But I won't be throwing away my Smartphones either. Not yet anyway. Well, not quite. My PalmOS-based Treo is going in the trash where it belongs. I've had my fill of that dying platform.

You can read the some of Matt's impressions @