Widely regarded as one of the best Star Wars game there has ever been, Knights of the Old Republic is now available to play on the iPad. Originally an Xbox title around 10 years ago, KotOR has been adored by many since then, and will forever be remembered by fans of not only Star Wars, but RPG games in general.

The game hits the Star Wars timeline 4000 years prior to the Empire, when the Jedi Order was at war with the Sith. It falls to you to master the Jedi powers and save the Republic, or fall victim to the lure of the dark side. The game's control system has been completely re-designed and optimized for the iPad and the touchscreen environment.

All the worlds from the Star Wars movies are here, and your party can be made up from a choice of 9 different characters from the series. Build your own Lightsaber, master 40 different Jedi powers, it's all here.

You'll need to be using at least an iPad 2 to play this, running iOS 6 and above, and have a whopping 2.5GB of free space available for install. But it's all worth it. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is available to download from the App Store now for $9.99, and may the force be with you!

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