New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is using his iPad "night and day" for both work and pleasure. According to Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, "he takes the iPad with him everywhere. He uses it all the time." He even had it accompany him during his visit with Queen Elizabeth last week.

The mayer uses his iPad to read speeches, keep notes, obtain briefing materials, check the weather, get directions with Google maps, and read books and magazines. Bloomberg has a goal to go paperless and the iPad his helping him do just that. However, his staff does keep a briefing book for him as a backup.

It's great to see someone with such a high profile and important job using his iPad to improve his work life. Even as a victim of the last month's security breech that exposed iPad user's email addresses, Bloomberg still thinks highly of his iPad and called up Steve Jobs to personally let him know.

It's amazing. I told Steve Jobs the other day, if he can improve on this, it'll really be amazing. I just, every time I play with it, I discover something new.

Improve? Sure, we agree that even the iPad could use some improvements, but exactly which improvements does Bloomberg have in mind to bring the iPad from "amazing" to "really amazing"?

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