Connected devices are showing up all over the place. As the months go by, it seems that more and more devices turn up in the most unlikely places. There are devices for nearly every room in the house — from the garage right down to the bathroom. We've seen just a handful of smart devices for the kitchen like connected ovens and crock pots, but the latest might just be the smartest of them all.

Mellow is a smart sous-vide (temperate controlled water cooking) that connects to a Wi-Fi network and is controlled by your smartphone. The countertop unit can cook up to six portions at once and requires no special vacuum-sealed bags. Mellow can manage both hot and cold temperatures, and really does all of the thinking for you.

Before you leave for work, drop in your portions. Tell Mellow what you're cooking and when you want it done — and just like that — Mellow does all the work. If you're running late, use the mobile app to tell Mellow, and you're food will be ready when you are. Want to wake up to perfectly poached eggs? Mellow has you covered.

Mellow isn't yet available, but you can save $100 if you pre-order now. $400 will get you one unit, which is set to ship starting in 2015.