MrMobile Hands-On: The Mercedes EQC is a proper Tesla Model X competitor – with one exception

Remember that crazy Concept EQ that Mercedes showed off to me back at SXSW? That was easily the most futuristic car I'd ever seen – but as the name implies, it was also just a concept. So when Mercedes-Benz invited me to swing over to Stockholm to check out the real version coming to market next year, I hopped the first sailboat I could find.

This is the Mercedes EQC 400, a crossover SUV with an all-electric power plant, an all-Mercedes fit-and-finish ... and a spec sheet that's already stirring up a few mixed feelings. While it bests the Tesla Model X in areas like interior design and brings the kind of safety features you've come to expect from Mercedes, the EQC also falls a bit short when it comes to the one thing that still matters most in the electric car space.

Check out my first look at the Mercedes EQC in the link above, and be sure you're subscribed to the MrMobile YouTube channel so you don't miss the full review as we get closer to the car's expected 2020 debut in the United States!

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