Merge: All the fun of Osmosis, all the cuteness of Cut the Rope in one hidden gaming gem!

I've been addicted to Candy Crush Sega for months now, but I've barely played it all this last week. Instead, all my down time has been spent on Merge. That's right, you read me - Merge! It's not the newest game on the App Store by any means, and it hasn't been updated in a year, but it's still a lot of fun, and a welcome change of pace from Candy Crush. Merge has all the fun of Osmosis and all the cuteness of Cut the Rope, all in one!

The gist is this: diabolical viruses are everywhere and it's your job to clear the board before time runs out and... the zombie apocalypse begins? Dunno. But it's bad, whatever it is. Really bad. So you better get to clearing! You do that with your finger. Circle similar viruses and they group together. Group all the similar viruses together before time runs out and you pass the level. Sound simple? It isn't. There are free floating creatures out to make it - and your life - more difficult. For example, if you accidentally group a purple bomb virus, that's it, boom, all your other viruses split back into their smaller parts, and kick you right in the time penalty for good measure. It's free and there's 72 levels to go through, so what's not to love?

If you're into casual games, want to sit back, unwind, and have some fun, check out Merge. Your iPhone's immune system will be glad you did!

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