iPad Mini 4

London's Metropolitan police force has halted plans to roll out 20,000 iPads to police officers on the frontline. It's reported that only 641 tablets have been handed out inside the force, but unfortunately the force decided not to continue after a limited trial. The Inquirer reports that a total of £6 million was spent, which yielded little in terms of results for the Met.

The force states that the pilot is part of a strategy to collect information and assess the use of suitable mobile hardware. As noted in the Inquirer report:

"There is ongoing development of a system to identify and roll out mobile technology to additional staff across the Metropolitan Police Service. Making our officers more mobile through technology such as tablets is a key part of our plans to make savings. It will ensure that front-line officers can maximise their time fighting crime in our communities and enable the continued reduction in the size of our estate."

There's no deadline set for the Metropolitan Police to make a decision on which mobile device or operating system will be selected for the force. Later in 2016, moves towards the procurement of role-specific equipment will be made, which should help determine how officers will most effectively use deployed mobile technology.