Apple's products get almost as much coverage in Microsoft ads these days as they do in Apple's own, and this latest effort is no exception. The newest spot features the MacBook Air and the new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. While short, it's not quite so ridiculous as some previous ads, and does at least focus more on the actual strengths of the device in question.

But it leaves out anything related to the respective operating systems.

I've actually seen the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, and it is a remarkable laptop computer. Marginally slimmer than a MacBook Air, available in a striking shade of Orange (among other colors) with a high-resolution display and a hinge that's frankly a work of art. Lenovo has created a stunning device. Save for one thing.

I said at the launch event that I would buy the Yoga 3 Pro in a heartbeat, if it came with OS X. Windows PC makers are really catching up to – and in some cases surpassing – Apple when it comes to hardware. But on software? I couldn't go back to using Windows full time as I'm sure a lot of other Mac users couldn't. Perhaps that's where Microsoft should be focusing some attention?

How about you? Is it now a software fight on equally good hardware, or do you think Apple still has the edge there, too?

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