In an interview with Forbes, Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie poopoos Apple's Siri intelligent virtual assistant, saying it's nothing Microsoft's TellMe hasn't been doing since the introduction of Windows Phone 7 over a year ago.

You can take these Windows Phones now and you can just pick them up and you can say text Eric and it'll ask you what you want to say and it transcribes it. And say send. You can query anything through Bing by just saying the words. All that is already there.

It's amazing how decades later, Microsoft still doesn't get it. A feature isn't just a feature isn't just a feature. It's more than the sum of its technology and design. Android had great voice control going back to the Nexus One. But Siri isn't voice control. Siri is context and relationships and Siri is absolutely personality. That Apple programmed Siri to feel like a Pixar character is what made it engaging and what got the internet to flood itself with screenshots showing hundreds of funny, witty, strange, and engaging Siri moments. It isn't that Siri can transcribe a text message to Eric, it's how it does it and how you feel doing it.

Windows Mobile and other had touchscreens for years before Apple debuted the iPhone. Then and now, it wasn't about the spec but the experience.

Source: Forbes