Microsoft continues to try and use the iPad to sell Windows tablets with this latest effort, starring the Dell XPS 10. Never heard of it? That's possible, since there's a good chance outside of the store you've likely not seen one. The tactic is still the same -- highlight what the iPad can't do, that Windows can -- but at least this time they've moved away from using Office as a weapon.

Aside from being able to insert an SD card -- OK, we can do it with an adaptor, but it's not the same -- it's a pretty weak argument. Does zooming out so far on a 10-inch tablet that the tiles become microscopic really constitute a solid feature to convince someone against buying an iPad? The snap feature is pretty cool, but while you're watching a video are you really going to want to bring up your calendar? Your eyes can still only focus in one place at once. Oh, and that price? Yeah, Dell slashed $200 off the price of the XPS 10 recently. Perhaps they weren't selling all that well?

Kudos to Microsoft for having it about them to go after the biggest player in the space, but are these ads actually selling more Windows tablets? A further thought turns to Office; did Microsoft purposely leave out the iPad from their Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers app for iOS because of their advertising campaign? Previous ads take delight in highlighting that Office isn't available on the iPad, and Microsoft would look pretty dumb if not long after they came out with at least some kind of Office for the iPad. And we're guessing that looking dumb isn't exactly what they're shooting for, even if the iPad is the perfect candidate for a mobile Office app.

So tell us, what do you think of this continuing line of Microsoft ads? Tempting you to pick up a Windows 8 slate or are you still fine and happy with your iPad? Drop a line in the comments!

via Windows Phone Central