Microsoft to crowdsource OS and app update distribution

Anyone who's dealt with Apple's annual device operating system upgrade cycle knows the pain of Apple's content distribution network dropping to its knees as it tries to keep up with crushing demand. Microsoft wants to offer its users a different, and potentially better, way.

A leaked build of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 10 operating system shows a setting option to download app and OS updates from PCs on the Internet and your local network.

There's no promising that these options will make it to a public release of Windows 10, but here's what they are:

Download apps and OS Updates from multiple sources to get them more quickly [off/on] Which enables…

Download apps and OS updates from Microsoft and PCs on my local network Download apps and OS updates from Microsoft, PCs on my local network, and PCs on the internet

So is this just a way of getting Windows 10 tech previews as wide a distribution as Microsoft can, before the official launch? Or a new way of distributing content?

One way or the other, it's something to make long-suffering iOS and OS X users jealous, if the mysterious new Windows distribution option is still around the next time Apple drops a shiny new iOS or OS X release.

Source: Neowin