The Daily claimed to have an exclusive story on the upcoming availability of Microsoft Office for iPad earlier today, unfortunately  the story appears to be highly inaccurate and misleading; according to Microsoft. The Daily claimed that it had inside information that told them that Office for iPad was complete and ready to be submitted to Apple for approval. Even more convincing was a picture of Office running on an iPad; along with the claim that The Daily had some hands on time with the app. Unfortunately Microsoft has issued a statement calling out The Daily.

“The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation. We have no further comment.” She added that an image with The Daily’s article depicting an Office product for iPad was not from Microsoft. ”The screenshot is not Microsoft’s software,” she said.

An interesting twist to this story and one that is sure to rumble on for some time to come. Was The Daily taken in by a very convincing story or is there still some truth to this? Microsoft did not actually 100% deny that it was working on office for iPad, just that this information was inaccurate and that the image was false. This of course could be just great marketing by either party but that would be a very cynical view!

Source: The New York Times