Office for iPad

Microsoft has provided a look behind the scenes on how they developed Office for iPad and highlighted an impressive 27 million download milestone. They made plenty of smart moves, such as designing for the iPad, rather than simply porting a desktop version to a tablet. The devs considered core usage scenarios, like making last-minute changes on a presentation, or powering through a draft to meet a deadline. Subtle touches like a lightweight but customizable menu ribbon, and tweaking the standard iOS 7 design principles with their own spin helped make Office the app it is.

We're fans of Office on iPad, even with the subscription cost. There are plenty of productivity apps out there to handle documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, but Office has traditionally done really well in that area, and has managed to continue the tradition on iPad. For a deeper look at how Microsoft pulled it off, check the link below. There's also the Reddit AMA the development team did not too long ago.

How many of you guys are using Word, PowerPoint, or Excel for iPad? Is it worth the subscription cost?

Source: Microsoft