Microsoft Word for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad is real, official, and coming our way! Announced at an event in San Francisco, the long wait is finally at an end. And it's coming to an end today, at 2PM EDT, 11AM PDT. For free... with an Office 365 subscription

The apps will offer a full Office experience, replete with tables, charts, formatting, and even the previously-maligned but recently-improved Office ribbon. Microsoft's put a lot effort into making sure Office for iPad supports the same features as the desktop versions, and even additional features above them. For example, there's a custom numeric keypad for creating equations in Excel and recommendations that help to visualize the best-looking charts for your data. The PowerPoint app includes the ability to live highlight and annotate during a presentation, as well as a "laser pointer" red dot mode.

Office for iPad all syncs through an Office 365 subscription, so edits that you make on your iPad are synced through the magic of the cloud to your desktop and vice versa.