Office for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad is a pretty full featured product – now it's finally here – but it turns out it has no native printing functionality. However, that won't be forever. In 2014 printing documents onto paper may feel antiquated, but for many regular Office users it's all part of the experience. And according to PCWorld, Office for iPad will get this and more in future updates:

When asked for comment, Microsoft representatives implied that printing would be added in the future—and that printing was perhaps not all that common for iPad users.

“Office for iPad was designed from the ground up for the iPad and for the productivity scenarios that an iPad is well suited for,” the company said in a statement. “For example, delivering a PowerPoint presentation, reviewing and annotating a Word document or making changes to a financial analysis in Excel."

PCWorld goes on to highlight that many of the early reviews of Office for iPad didn't even notice the lack of printing. Speaking personally, I can't remember the last time I even turned my printer on. It's sat gathering dust.

So if you're missing it, you'll get it at some point. And that's good to know. Are you one of those people?

Source: PCWorld