Resistance is futile. Balmer himself has said so. Yet today's shiny, happy Microsoft is all about openness and cooperation (you paying attention, EU Anti-Trust Commission?) Merging these twin paradoxes, at the very moment Steve Jobs took the stage at the SDK Roadmap event, Microsoft dropped their own announcement with all the charisma of a Gates CES-note, and followed it up with a Q&A showing the degree of partner-love that's made them famous in the industry.

Gems include their high level Schiller-time:

We started talking with Apple about licensing Exchange ActiveSync before the launch of the iPhone last year. In fact, I met with Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller almost daily for a period of two weeks ironing out the details of the agreement. The result is a true collaboration between Microsoft and Apple.

And a Sun Tzu-esque attempt to position Apple against RIM but beneath Windows Mobile:

We continue to compete with Apple in the computer arena and media player business. When it comes to mobile phones, Windows Mobile still delivers the premier mobile e-mail experience for Microsoft Exchange Server, by delivering the Outlook experience on a mobile phone and with the most complete support for Exchange’s many enterprise device management policies. But, we also partner with many mobile device makers – including Apple – and believe that by making Exchange an open platform, our customers and partners, ultimately, will be the beneficiaries.

And speaking of Microsoft's CEO, according to CNET, in between dodging Guy Kawasaki and reprising his infamous "Monkey Boy" dance, Steve Balmer offered that Silverlight on iPhone was interesting, Apple's 30% slice may be a little high, and ActiveSync was a no-brainer.

So, WinMob users, is this enough MS goodness to tempt you in Thurrott'ing an iPhone of your own? Or are you sticking it out until Version 7 comes your way?

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