Project Phoenix

The official Facebook page for Project Phoenix first launched earlier this month, with a summary of the development team's idea behind the app. Microsoft said:

The phoenix team at Microsoft began with a simple realization: expense reports suck. With the amazing computing power of the mobile phones which sit in our pockets as we take business trips, one would think that the tedious details of expense would no longer need to exist. Yet, most of us know that little has improved in the expense reporting process since the linked corp card was introduced many years ago.

We decided talked with hundreds of account executives, to go deep on this problem, and understand what it's like to be an frequent business traveler today. We took all of our learnings and created the vision of Phoenix: a mobile app that uses all the smarts we can gather to automatically fill out your expenses for you. Then, by giving you a notification of your credit card spend in real time, we let you glance at at the expense, approve it, and be done forever.

ZDNet reports that the Microsoft Office Pre-Release Programs Team started sending out emails to consumers and businesses in the past couple of days looking for more beta testers for Project Phoenix. There's no word on when the app will be publicly released, nor is there any indication Microsoft plans to expand the app to other platforms like Android or Windows Phone.

Microsoft has been quite busy launching apps for the iPhone and iPad over the past few months, including the Outlook email app, and more recently the Sway multimedia presentation app.

Source: Project Phoenix (Facebook), ZDNet