Microsoft has launched their new Windows 8 commercial, and appears to have recruited Siri to help them take on the iPad. OK, so Siri would never do such a thing, but they're licensing the same voice, and it achieves the same effect. The 30-second clip takes aim at what the iPad can't do, that a Windows 8 tablet can. The whole thing is a parody of an Apple ad, right down to the chopsticks played on Garageband at the end.

During the clip, 'Siri' is heard to say each of the things that the iPad can't do, like Live Tiles and 'snapped' side-by-side applications. All true, but not necessarily the sort of thing that's going to turn someone away from buying the iPad. Then we get to the killer "I guess Powerpoint isn't one of those things" line. Yeah. But of course, Microsoft isn't missing out on a whole giant heap of revenue in not releasing a version of Office for the iPad now, is it?

What Microsoft didn't specifically mention in the commercial is that the tablet they were using -- the ASUS Vivotab Smart -- runs the full version of Windows 8. And, that means at some point, someone is going to find themselves operating in the traditional Windows desktop environment, which isn't exactly tablet friendly. Or perhaps they'll wonder why they have two different looking versions of Internet Explorer on the same device.

So, what do you guys think of this latest effort from the folks at Redmond? It's not at all subtle, but is there anything in there that would compel you to drop your iPad for a Windows 8 tablet? Office? Price? Live Tiles? Anything? Drop us your thoughts!

via WPCentral