Microsoft rumored to be developing a smartwatch, just like everybody else

Another day, another iWatch competitor rumor, this time coming from Microsoft. Rumors already suggest that both Google is developing a competitor to the unannounced Apple smartwatch, as is Samsung, among others, and now it's reportedly time for the folks from Redmond to get in on the act. A Microsoft watch would no doubt compete directly with the rumored devices from Apple and Google, and it's said to be being internally tested running a modified version of Windows 8.

Not just that, but the prototypes are also rumored to be carrying 6GB of on-board storage, LTE and be made of 'translucent aluminum.' LTE would be interesting, if true, suggesting it may operate independently of a smartphone. That's an interesting thought; if legitimate we could be looking more towards wearable computing than just a flashy accessory for your phone.

If I'm saying rumor a lot, theres a reason. Smartwatch stories have been coming and going for so long now already, with the only actual products hitting the market coming from third-party manufacturers like Pebble. The latest on the fabled iWatch is that we might not see it until late next year, so how close might we be to seeing anything that's supposed to 'compete' with it? At this point, they could all be vaporware. By this time next year, will we still be interested in smartwatches? Are we that interested now? Let me hear your thoughts.

Source: The Verge via Windows Phone Central