Bing iPhone 6

Microsoft has updated the Bing apps for the iPhone and iPad today, offering up some revamped designs for the search engine apps.

Microsoft says:

On iPhone, we completely redesigned the home screen of the app. Due to the larger size of the new iPhones, we moved the search box to the middle of the screen and made it larger. We also made it easier for you to enjoy our beautiful image of the day. Just tap anywhere underneath the search box, and all the elements of the app disappear, creating an immersive, full-screen image experience. And if you want to see yesterday's image, just swipe from the left. Another big change is that we changed the layout for things that you access frequently: weather, trending news and images. Just swipe from the bottom of the home screen and all that information will zoom to full screen.

Microsoft also described what's new with the Bing iPad app:

On iPad, we have taken advantage of the latest in iOS8 to make the experiences you already use even more powerful. The translate extension that we brought to our iPhone app a couple months ago is now available on iPad so that you can instantly translate web pages in either the Bing app or your default browser to a desired language. In addition, enabling the Bing widget in your Notification Center will serve up the Bing image of the day and trending stories for that day directly in your Today View.

Source: Microsoft

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