Microsoft's Bing is the search engine of choice in Yosemite's new Spotlight

Apple's keynote for the 2014 WWDC event is history but there are still some interesting news bits that are slowly being discovered from the massive two hour briefing. One of them was officially confirmed by Microsoft as it stated the updated Spotlight feature in OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 will have its web searches powered by Bing.

The news comes from Search Engine Land, which got a comment on the subject from a Microsoft spokesperson:

Last year Bing became the default web search for Siri, and will now also be the default web search provider in the redesigned Spotlight search feature for the next generation of iOS and OS X. We're excited about extending the Bing platform to help iOS and Mac customers find what they need to get things done.

The statement did not reveal if any financial deal were made between Microsoft and Apple for this newly revealed search agreement. While Bing does indeed handle search results for Siri on iOS, Google is still the default search engine for Apple's Safari web browser. However, Apple did reveal ths week it is adding the DuckDuckGo engine as an option for Safari with OS X 10.10, which claims not to track the searches of its users.

Source: Search Engine Land