Microsoft Invite

Microsoft continues to launch new apps for the iPhone, and the latest such example is Invite. As the name suggests, it has been created so that users can organise meetings faster and easier on a smartphone.

Microsoft says the app works best with Office 365 business and school subscriptions, but adds that Invite also works with Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail as well. The app is designed so that users can see the calendars of people who attend meetings that might be outside the user's own business or organization.

Invite can send emails to anyone to inform them of and invite them to a meeting, even if they are outside of the user's organization. Each meeting attendee can then choose the times that work best in their schedule, and once the central Invite user gets responses from all the meeting attendees, he or she can then send out the final time and date.

The Invite app is available just for US and Canada residents for now, but it will be made available in other parts of the world later.

Source: Microsoft

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