News Pro is a Bing-powered news app from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a new app for iPhone that seeks to aggregate all of the news you're interested in under one roof. Called News Pro, the app is powered by Bing News and uses your interests as a guide to pick and choose stories from around the web for you to read. The app itself is somewhat similar in nature to Apple's own News app that launched with iOS 9. However, Microsoft's take is a bit different in that it pulls your interests in from social media accounts.

At the moment, News Pro supports logins with either LinkedIn or Facebook. Once you've logged into the app with one of the two social networks, News Pro scans your interests and automatically suggests and selects some topics and publishers to follow. For example, after signing in with Facebook for the first time, articles from a music blog that I follow then showed up in my feed.

Alongside the iOS app, Microsoft has also launched a web version of News Pro, where you can view your feed from any browser.

Via: Microsoft-News

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