midnight star

Midnight Star, a long awaited sci-fi first person shooter for the iPad and iPhone, is getting a soft launch on the Ireland App Store before it is released to the rest of the world.

Midnight Star is being developed by Industrial Toys, which is lead by Alex Seropian, a co-founder of Bungie and a major force behind the development of the original Halo game for the Xbox. Midnight Star is trying to solve some of the problems that have affected first person shooter games on a smartphone or tablet by creating an "on rails" experience combined with smart AI and a solid narrative.

So why launch Midnight Star just in Ireland? Industrial Toys says:

We're not picking favorites, it's actually a common practice these days to launch a game in a single territory prior to launching globally. We need to flesh out and destroy any remaining bugs, test the RPG systems to make sure the game loops feel fun, turn some dials, etc. Once we fix and tweak everything to make the game as good as it can be, we will release globally so the entire world can play the game together.

If you live in Ireland, you can download and play Midnight Star right now in the App Store for free, although there are some in-app purchases of game items available.

Source: Industrial Toys, Ireland App Store

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