iPhone 5c

Word is beginning to filter through the web that Apple is set to announce an 8GB variant of the iPhone 5c tomorrow. At least in Europe, anyway. The various mutterings arrive along with a report from UK site Coolsmartphone that claims to have received a tip off that at least 2 UK carriers have stocks already arriving ahead of launch:

We’ve received enough evidence from our source to know that at least two major carriers here in the UK have already received stock of the device, with further carriers as of yet unconfirmed.

The report goes on to say a press release will be issued tomorrow morning announcing the launch, and that it will be available from those carriers when stores open. Until we hear something more official, treat with the usual dose of skepticism. Never-say-never, but there isn't too much traction on this right now, and honestly, we're not totally sure how this would help Apple at this point.

That's not to mention that in this day and age an 8GB iPhone really isn't the product we'd recommend. To download an OTA update for example you often need around 3GB of free space, which with such a small amount onboard would require you to delete some of your apps and content. It's a nice phone, but it really is worth saving up a little extra cash and getting one you'll be much, much happier with.

So, we'll sit tight, for now. If this is all going down tomorrow, then we'll soon have more in the way of pricing. Would you be tempted by one?

Update: Engadget has obtained an image of the packaging for the 8GB iPhone 5c that adds a bit more weight to the rumors. Check it out below.

8GB iPhone 5c

Source: Coolsmartphone