New features in the 2.0 Mac release include notes, custom colored and tinted stickers, connection labels, the MyMindNode web service, text outline view, new styles and a new Inspector, improved printing and layout, Personal Theme support, and live preview in Markdown format.

Mindmapping is a diagramming technique used to organize ideas visually. You start out with a central concept and then branch out from there, connecting words, ideas and imagery radially by connecting them.

The developer has rewritten MindNode 2.0 from scratch. The all-new version replaces MindNode Pro, which remains available for download, at least for a time. The developer has outlined the upgrade path for Mac users in a blog posting.

MindNode 2.0 for Mac is also commensurate with a 4.0 release for the iOS version which, unfortunately, is stuck in App Store review purgatory for the moment. But the new features in the Mac release will be in that 4.0 iOS release as well.

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