Minecraft's 'Village & Pillage' update adds pandas and so much more

A few months ago, Microsoft revealed that Minecraft was getting a "Village & Pillage" update which would add a host of new features. Since then, we haven't heard much in terms of a release date. Luckily, that changed yesterday when Microsoft's Aubrey Norris revealed that the patch would hit the console "tomorrow." However, if there are issues with the build, then it may be delayed further.

The Minecraft Village & Pillage update should be a relatively small download even though it packs a number of features. Everything from new blocks to animals are being added to the game. Some of the most significant additions are listed below.

  • Campfires: Can be used to cook or generate light.
  • Scaffolding: Can be used to climb quickly.
  • Barrel: New storage object.
  • Bell: Used to produce sound.
  • Smoker: Used to cook faster.
  • Lantern: New light source.
  • Crossbows: Stronger than bows but they reload very slowly.
  • Suspicious Stew: Can be used to boosts or burdens.
  • Cats: Cats can be found roaming villages.
  • Pillager: Pillagers go around killing villagers.
  • Ravager: Minotaur-like creature which destroys crops.
  • Pandas: Pandas are being added to the game and they're awesome.
  • Fox: Foxes spawn in Taiga biomes.
  • Trading: New traders will be seen around the world.

It's great to see that Minecraft is still getting tremendous support after all these years. Nintendo Switch Minecraft players are also able to play the game with their friends on mobile, PC, and Xbox consoles, as long as you have an active Nintendo Switch Online account, which starts at $20 a year.

What do you want to see in Minecraft? Let us know.

Christine Chan

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