Minutely for iPhone combines weather data with crowd sourced information for more accurate forecasts

Minutely is a new kind of weather app for iPhone and the first to actually let users report incorrect weather data in their area. By using national weather data in conjunction with crowdsourced data from Minutely users, weather forecasts and current conditions can be more fine-tuned and drilled down to more specific areas.

Aside from the interactive portion of Minutely, it's a full featured weather app that includes a 9-day forecast as well as real time 3D radar. From the main menu of Minutely you can see a quick look at what the weather is forecasted to be like over the next 24 hours as well as high and low temps for the current day. If something is inaccurate, you can tap on the current condition and report it.

Minutely features many of the features you'd expect from a weather app from extended forecasts, radar, current conditions, high and low temps, and more. The thing that makes it so interesting is the crowdsourcing feature that allows users to report incorrect conditions. It's a great idea that could, in theory, make it possible to drill down weather conditions to smaller areas. A lot of this will depend on how large the community grows, who is actively using and reporting incorrect information, and how Minutely decides to trust this data.

If you happen to try MInutely out, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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