FiftyThree has announced a new online art network called Mix, where artists using their signature Bluetooth stylus, the Pencil, and their well-loved drawing app, Paper, can share their pieces and add to existing ones.

You can already take a look at some of the creations being posted on the web now, many of which are framed as easy-to-use templates to fill in as needed.

Mix is aimed at enabling users to learn about art, sketch out ideas, write down notes, design products, present information, or just have fun. With a wide range of templates available and a community to provide fresh content, FiftyThree's Mix stands to be quite unique in its offering.

If you've never given any of FiftyThree's stuff a shot, it's all very nicely done. Paper has a wide range of brushes and colors available following certain themes, and presents works in very classic, Moleskine-style notebooks. The Pencil accessory has two ends to it, allowing you to easily erase and draw, leaving your finger input for smudging or blurring lines.

If you're interested in giving this a shot, download or update Paper by FiftyThree in the App Store to get started.

Source: FiftyThree

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