MLB At Bat just announced a price cut that puts the price at a very affordable $2.99 (from $5) to get an impressive app with a slick interface and great features. Good deal, right? How thoughtful of you MLB to cut the price just in time for playoffs so us fans can get a taste of the action. WRONG.

Why is it a bad deal? Because you have to buy MLB At Bat again next year! The current version of MLB At Bat will expire after the end of the season which is in approximately the end of this month. Maybe even sooner. So if it's worth it to you to spend money on an app that will be useless in a few weeks time, by golly do it! But for the rest of us, Sportacular should work fine.

Does anyone else think charging users every year is a little ridiculous? Maybe I'm still in shock over the 6th inning of the NLCS and a little peeved about this whole baseball thing but I just don't find it good practice on MLB's part-they need to highlight this aspect a little better. But maybe after Game 2, I'll celebrate in utter jubilation by buying an app that will soon be worthless?

The MLB is again bungling this whole technology thing--remember they switched DRM for their videos back in 07 and users lost ALL previously purchased videos. DRM sucks but having things wrongfully taken away from you blows even more.