iPhone MMS - AT&T Late Summer

Apple announced that iPhone 3.0 would include MMS functionality way back on March 17 at the Sneak Peak Event. At WWDC 2009 Apple announced MMS would be available by launch day, June 19, to iPhone users all over the world -- except on AT&T.

Since then AT&T, already enjoying the disdain accredited to all modern, oligopolistic carriers, has taken an even worse beaten than usual in the arena of public perception. Either they were incapable of supporting the sheer number of iPhones they exclusively locked down on their network, or they were incompetent in handling the roll out in a timely manner. Even Apple's VP of iPhone Software, Scott Forstall, gave AT&T their equivalent of the stank-eye during his WWDC keynote segment. "Late summer" is all we've heard in terms of schedule, and the summer... it grows late.

But here's the thing we're curious about: let's say AT&T did launch MMS back on June 19 like the rest of the world, or let's say they launched it today even -- would you really use it? How many and how much? What kind of an onslaught is AT&T desperate to delay looking at here?

[Thanks to iPhoneduke for the prompt]