iPhone Camera

Long and loud have been the voices berating, bemoaning... begging even for some little extra bit of camera love from the iPhone. We're not even talking video here (though conflicting rumors coming out of WWDC, via TWiM, suggested Apple either thinks no one wants video, or were working on it for a future release...). We're talking about plain old, plainly old, still photography.

Nokia N95 has a Karl Zeiss 5.0 megapixel auto-focusing lens, right? Sure, it's built like a Soviet tank, but Apple could at least bump the pixel count on the measly iPhone camera, right?


At least according to an interesting new article from Ars Technica, which provocatively suggests more iPhone camera megapixels would be worse, not better.

Their arguments make the kind of sense that does, at least to a certain extent. Carving up the same sensor into more megapixels just results in less surface area per pixel, and given the fixed-focus lens necessary in a uber-thin device like the iPhone, it's possible Apple's really looked into this and come up with the best engineering compromise they could.

Or they might just be saving a 3 or 4 megapixel auto-focus bump, along with video, to get people to upgrade to the iPhone 3.5G this holiday season. @#$%^&!

Even odds, really...