At the TechCrunch Mobile Web Wars event (basically a Silicon Valley roundtable discussion), the topic of conversation often turned towards, you guessed it, your favorite gadget, the iPhone. Many Execs were claiming that the traffic generated by the iPhone is extraordinary and the amount of apps downloaded in a matter of weeks are jaw-dropping.

Here are the notable facts and figures:

  • Pandora has been available for 18 months in other mobile platforms which resulted in 12,000 monthly subscriptions to the service. In 6 days with the iPhone...350,000 installs on the iPhone.
  • And before you cry foul because of the paid vs free debate, Pandora says that the App Store lets the company make money through ads whereas on other devices they were forced into a subscription method.
  • 1 million Facebook users downloaded the Facebook App
  • Average iPhone user is 47 times as active on Loopt as those on other phones

It wasn't all cheery for the iPhone though, Vice President of S60 software technology management David Rivas continues to claim that his devices can do everything that the iPhone and also offers hundreds of millions of users to choose from. But Bart Decrem, CEO of Tapulous (TTR and Twinkle), fired back saying you need a "developer environment and a delivery channel" to capitalize on those users.

Right now the iPhone does. And everyone else doesn't. Zing.