Mobile Nations Health and Fitness Month has begun and we're all already picking out goals and getting into gear -- but I wanted to find out where we were all starting from first? CES 2012 showed us that mobile is increasingly becoming more than just communications, it's becoming lifestyle. A big part of that is health and fitness.

There are stand-alone gadgets like Fitbit or Jawbone UP that keep track of your movement (or lack thereof!), and sleep activities, and let you enter food information. They connect to our iPhones to share data and deliver reports so we can see how we're doing and adjust according. The are also stand-alone apps that don't need extra hardware and just do similar things right on our iPhones. Both often have social network connections to, so your friends and family can see your progress, be it weight lost, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep enjoyed, or food consumed. That adds accountability and some peer pressure that could help keep you motivated and on track.

Have you tried any of them? If so, which gadgets or apps or accessories did you like best? Have you tried them but ended up not using them, or simply not tried any health and fitness apps or accessories at all? If not, why not?

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