Lately all has been quiet in regards to Apple's MobileMe service and shady activities. In the past we've told you about a few separate cases of phishing scams going around. Well today we've heard that Oscar nominated actress, Salma Hayek's account has been hacked.

Honestly, this is something that is really not that difficult to do, especially depending on how much information you have about a person. Sarah Palin's Yahoo! account was famously hacked last year using information from Wikipedia, as have several other celebrities.

In this particular case, all that was needed was Salma's birthday and the answer to her security question which just happened to be "What is my favorite character?". Just in case you were wondering what the answer was, it was "Frida" which was Hayek's most popular role in a movie. (And yes, I'm sure it is now something a bit tougher to figure out so don't bother trying.) In the end, that is all of the information that was needed to gain access to all of her emails, calendar information, etc...

Moral of this story, choose your security questions and answers wisely... And if you're well known, make up a fake set of answers, memorize them thoroughly, and don't tell anyone else.

[Via Macworld]