Well it seems like these scam artists will just not go away! Here at TiPb we like to keep you, our loyal readers, safe by alerting you of every scam out there. A while back we reported two other phishing scams aimed at MobileMe customers, and told you Apple was even posting warnings about them.

Just like those phishing scams, these latest scammers are looking to obtain your credit card information. According to UGN Infomanager:

Yesterday, and over night a wave of phishing attacks hit the servers targeting Apple Mobile Me users, and others who might not know the specifics of the phish. There were several, all from different "senders" but leading to the same address. READ THIS ALERT.

DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK IN THIS PHISHING ATTEMPT. Not only could it extract information from your computer, the site, or clickthrough pages could contain malware or spyware intended specifically for Mac users. If you can avoid opening it, you will avoid pinging the botnet of a live address.

In addition to all of that, MacNN is reporting that "the originating server DNS addresses have been masked by Joker.com, a site suspected of sympathizing with online criminals". Really nice isn't it? Be careful out there people!

(Via MacNN)