MobileMe: Apple Apologizes Again

Thus far making good on their promise of consistent updates, Apple has once again posted as to the status of their beleaguered MobileMe service. David G. -- who may be the poster formerly known as "me" ? -- chimed back in last night:

As you know, restoring full email access to the remaining 1% of MobileMe users is our first priority. We turned on web access to their current email yesterday and the feedback has been cautiously positive. Since then, we've restored full email history (minus the approximately 10% of mail received between July 18 and July 22 which may have been lost) and the ability to access email from a Mac, PC and iPhone, to over 40% of these users, and expect the remainder to be restored in the next few days.

G. goes on to clarify how some email is now time-stamped by server transfer rather than send time, and explains how to view long headers to extract actual send time info, and promises another update soon.

Kudos to Apple for stepping up the transparency. Given their corporate culture is so immersed in secrecy, its likely a painful, but hopefully transformative lesson for them to learn. Sympathies, however, for the some 60% of the 1%ers still waiting for their 90%...