MobileMe: Apple Apologizes Again

Apple anonymized "blogger" David G. is back with the 3rd in Steve Jobs' promised regular MobileMe status updates, and this time it's all good news... at least from their perspective.

First up, the 1%ers, 60-100% of whom have been missing 100% of their email for over two weeks now:

We have completed restoring Mail service, including historical messages, to all of the 1% of affected members. Thank you all for your extreme patience during this trying time. If you have been affected by this issue and are still having problems we have established a dedicated chat line to reach a MobileMe Mail specialist for help.

Next, that nasty sync bug that saw data wiped out for some users over the weekend:

For some users this caused their contact and calendar data to disappear from their devices, but not from their computers or the MobileMe cloud. When we fixed the bug in the late afternoon, the problem resolved itself for most users: their data simply reappeared on their iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are one of those affected users and your data has not automatically reappeared, follow the steps at this link to restore your data.

David G. hopes that with this, Apple's MobileMe woes will largely become a thing of the past, and they can concentrate their resources on improving the service overall (and restoring the faith of their user-base, right Apple?).

Another update is promised for later in the week.

So, how about it? Anyone still suffering MobileMe mail meltdown? Stuck in sucktastic sync-loops? Has Apple been able to help? Please let us know.