Engadget Mobile has been leafing through their WWDC course program and found a nice hint at the future of Apple's mobile web browser:

"Enhancing Your iPhone Web Application with CSS Transforms and Animations" overview: Safari's getting a little bit of an update. [...] What does that mean, exactly? In short, the feature allows web page elements to be twirled, zoomed, and skewed, making for some pretty eye-popping (or watering) effects. It's all going to be accelerated by the iPhone's hardware, too, meaning that the next ultra-annoying ad for some sketchy product that you view on your iPhone should really fly.

As mentioned in the post, this would, at least in part, help keep the iPhone's browser up-to-date with its WebKit source and big desktop brother, which just saw an update to 3.1. What other features might be in the works for MobileSafari Touch? Probably not downloadable fonts, I'd wager, but many other little tweaks and improvements to help it fly the Web 2.0 universe.

Opera Mobile, Pocket IE, and Mobile Safari are all gunning for where MobileSafari Touch used to be, will this be enough to keep it ahead of the pack? And if anyone thinks its an accident that the iPhone is embracing web-standards animation while still eschewing Flash, I have twin bridges in San Fran to sell you...

So, is Apple serious about taking standards to the next level, or is this just another bit of leverage to use in their silent war with Adobe? Would you rather a less-proprietary web, or OMG!1 u just wantz vidz? I've already posted about my Flash concerns, especially security and privacy, but what do you think?