Gameloft has posted a brief teaser trailer launch video just ahead of the release of its latest big name game Mordern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The trailer shows just over a minute of in game footage and it looks like Gameloft has done an excellent job bringing the latest installment to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The #1 mobile FPS is back with a new chapter to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour will be live on December 6th 2012 on iOS and shortly after on Android!

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour looks to take first person shooter gaming to a new level on the iPhone and iPad. Not only will you be able to undertake single player missions but multi-player gaming will be a massive part of this title too. Gameloft has even taken measures to prevent hackers cheating and gaining an unfair advantage on multi-player levels.

Gameloft has some serious competition on its hands right from the launch day tomorrow. Rockstar Games has also chosen December 6 as the release day for its 10th anniversary release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Both games will be vying for the Christmas top spot in the iTunes gaming chart; who knows which one will be the most successful. The problem for me is which one to play first when they're released tomorrow. What do you think?

Source: YouTube