MOGA drops Ace Power Controller price to $80

All three MFi game controllers designed to work with iOS devices - Logitech's PowerShell, MOGA's Power Controller and Steelseries' Stratus - debuted at $100. But Logitech and Steelseries have already cut the prices on their controllers (to $70 and $80, respectively). Now MOGA is following suit. They've reduced the price of their Ace Power Controller to $79.99, according to MacRumors.

The Ace Power Controller is designed to work with the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s and fifth-generation iPod touch. It locks the device in place and provides dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, a D-pad and four action buttons. It's compatible with any game or application that makes use of iOS 7's built-in support for MFi game controllers.

Is $80 worth it? Or are the prices still too high for iOS-compatible game controllers? Sound off in the comments!